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As owner of GHC Movers and Packers, I make it my personal commitment to be available on every job that is booked through my company. The reason for my physical attendance on every job, is to make sure that the work is being done properly, that we are providing our customers with the best quality service, and that the movers handling or packing your precious items are working to complete your move in a timely manner. Coming from behind my desk also allows me to meet and greet all our clients personally, and answer any questions they might have in regards to the work being done. Being on a personal level with customers allows them to see exactly who is responsible for handling their precious commodities. And most importantly, it builds trust between the client and company. No need to check up on us, We are here to move you. 

Company Name: GHC Movers and Packers

Year Founded: 2009

Company Strucure: Privately Owned

Located: Nassau, Bahamas

Owner: Mr. Stephen Smith 

Crew: 10

Company Motto:"Good Hands that give reliable service."

Before starting this company, Mr. Smith worked as a full time packer, mover, driver, agent, and warehouse manager for several different companies. The different opportunities allowed Mr.Smith to experience, understand, and see first hand how the other companies did their business and treated their clients. By listening to the complaints that were being made by the clients of our competitors, gave him the idea of building and running his company based on quality service. His training and skills have been past down to ensure that our agents and movers do not make the same error of providing unsatisfactory work to any of our clients, repeating or making the same mistakes made by our competitors. Never wanting for his company to have a chapter in the horror stories like other moving companies throughout the globe. Instead, positioning his company, GHC Movers and Packers to be a household name in other countries throughout the world, as a company you can trust and rely on. Mr.Smith's idea was easy, because he knew that he could do a far better job than the competitors here in the Bahamas, by providing clients with quality work, lesser rates, professional agents, and knowledgeable workers who are always ready to go above and beyond for every client. So in 2009, GHC Movers and Packers was founded.

What makes GHC Movers and Packers different from the competitors, we care about you. We provide flat rates for all of the services that we provide. By knowing exactly what the task at hands requires, and never charging you by the hour, so there is no need to watch the clock. We treat every individual, family, company, government official, and pets as high priority clients, and will not stop working for you until your shipment is delivered safe to your door or it's new destination. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always find someone to answer your questions at any time of the day, and not an answering machine. Thus providing you, our customer with a personal team to design a move tailored to your every need and request.

No company is perfect, however, GHC Movers and Packers continues to strives to execute each and every job flawlessly. We continue to give the highest quality of service on every job we do. From the beginning of your move to the end of your move, our agents are there for you. Our networks, allow us to stretch our services to our clients and transfers worldwide. We have built long standing respectable relationships with airlines, shipping companies, and moving companies at all major destinations throughout the world. Being able to work outside of our region, because of the dedicated people and companies all over the world that we trust to be an extension to us, regardless of affiliation. We work with companies that stand for providing quality, and do not look for people that cut corners. We want agents that understand what it means to be on time, staying on/keeping a schedule, can do their jobs better than the other company, and for less the price. Ensuring that you get the best level of customer service at all times, anywhere in the world. 

Knowing how stressful moving to a new country can be, as professional movers we take on the difficulty and stress involved with moving. Making it easier on you, so you can save time and focus your attention on other tasks. When you choose GHC Movers and Packers, you can leave everything to us. We will explain your move in detail, offering you the best and safest way for your shipment to travel from it's point of origin to it's final destination. We dedicate ourselves on being courteous and professional at all times. Give us a call toll free at 1-877-346-1579 or 242-525-5668, and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about us or shipping to and from the Bahamas, or you can call at any time of the day to schedule a free detailed and accurate quote for your next move. We'll set up an appointment that works with your schedule, no matter what time of the day it is. 

When we first opened up for business, we provided local moving services for home and business owners throughout the Bahamas.  It is true what they say,"hard work pays off", and that is why GHC Movers and Packers is the fastest growing, and most sought out  moving company throughout the Bahamas.

Today GHC Movers and Packers is a full service residential, office, and commercial moving company that provides local and international moving services throughout the Bahamas and worldwide. We fully understand our client's demands when it comes to moving or shipping their possessions from point A to point B, port to port, door to port, Door to Door, consolidated shipments, and exclusive container services. Our system and work ethenics are designed to provide our customers with quality work and services at all times. This formula is the key ingredient to GHC Movers and Packers success. We work to excel everyday, based on the experience, teachings, and skills of our owner and founder, Stephen Smith.