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Ocean & Air Shipment Services to and from the Bahamas

A simple local move, if not planned properly, can become a bad situation. With experience, preparation, and organization, we make the most complicated moves seem easy.

Moving a home or office within Nassau, we apply an hourly rate per team(a driver, 2 helpers). Our rate for 1 team is $160.00 p/h with a 2 hour minimum. If additional helpers are required an additional rate of $40.00 p/h is added for each pair of helpers. Additional charges can be added for parking conditions, stairs, and heavy carrying charges. Please keep in mind that a house or an office that is fully accessible can be moved faster than one which involves stairs and/or long distances to the parked moving van. If there is still items to be packed when the movers arrive.

For those of you moving to one of the family islands in the Bahamas, we suggest you pack your items securely to protect them from water damage, and a bumpy sea ride. The seas can get very rough, causing the ship and your valuables to get tossed around. Give us a call and we will be glad to pick up the items, deliver them to the ferry, prepare and protect the items for a safe journey. Making sure the items do not get dented, scratched, or broken.

Shipping lines require a hefty deposit to send containers to the family islands(because it's hard to return the containers). Larger moves to the island can be costly. We try our best to facilitate these moves by sending a team along with the shipment, so clients would not have to bother with finding a vehicle to deliver the goods or a team to unpack the goods. 

Ocean Shipments and Air Shipments Services


Air Shipments- GHC Movers and Packers offers you a reliable and  effective solution to all of your air freight needs. We use a wide variety of airline carriers, a worldwide networking system of logistic agents, and moving companies spanning the four corners of the globe to effectuate proper handling and safe delivery of your personal items or merchandise.

We will happily set up a time with you to pick up your shipment from your home or place of business. We will deliver your shipment to the airport, prepare the export documents for your shipment, book your shipment for travel, and present you with your air way bill and charges for your freight.

For those interested in forwarding a shipment by air to the Bahamas, or looking for a company you can rely on to handle your shipment, all you need to remember is GHC. Our agents and drivers are cargo specialist and understand the urgency required to get your shipment cleared in a timely manner and scheduled to be delivered to your door or place of business within hours of the plane landing in the Bahamas.

​Air freight services can be very expensive, and that is why we only recommend our clients to use this mode of transport for timely shipments, small shipments, valuable shipments, and all of your perishable shipments. However, for those of you with larger shipments, and require your shipment to be delivered to you in a week or less, our air freight services can help you. Just contact us to schedule a free quote for your next shipment.

​Ocean Shipments and Air Shipments Services

Ocean Shipments- When dealing with international shipments, sending your valuables by sea transport is the easiest and less effective way how. Shipping by sea offers a wide range of transport services for any size shipment coming or going to all major ports around the globe.

As movers we rely on the expertise of the shipping lines. That's why it is very important for us to choose a company with a great reputation on the high seas. Transporting your shipment is one thing, being able to track your shipment, and knowing your shipment will arrive on schedule, is very important to us.

When agents from other countries contact us, we refer them to shipping lines that are based in the Bahamas. This way, your shipment does not have to travel the world before it gets here, and this saves you time and money.

At GHC Movers and Packers, our specialty is moving. We are equipped to handle:  

  • All types of Vehicles/Heavy Equipment
  • Commercial/Household Freight
  • Over sized/Small Cargo
  • LCL/FCL Shipments
  • Flat Racks/Open Decks
  • Corporate Relocations
  • Competitive Pricing/Excellent value

Domestic and International Moving Services

No matter how many times you've done it, moving is and will always be a very stressful event. Well not any more. GHC Movers and packers are expert movers, that provide a range of services that can eliminate the stress of your next move.

Sure, every moving company says the same thing. But, not every company delivers. GHC Movers and Packers is unlike the other moving companies in the Bahamas. We take pride in our work, and care for our customers. We listen to our clients, and provide them with the quality service they deserve. Simply put, we take care of every phase of your move. 

No matter if it's a simple move around the block, another island, another country, Door-to-Port, or Door-to- Door, our team of dedicated agents/movers will make sure your every need is met. Our rates are always all-inclusive, so there are never any hidden fees.

International Services- are complete with an in house survey to provide you with a proper quote for origin and destination services. We make all the preparations for your shipment. Packing, Crating, Loading, and Booking your shipment.We can track your shipment at all times. We have a network of moving companies across the globe that are always ready to assist, so there would be no problem locating a representative ready and willing to receive your shipment when it arrives at it's destination. Our agents will clear customs, arrange the delivery of your shipment, and unpack them safely in your new home or office. 



Every moving company knows the risk involved with packing priceless fine art, valuable crystals, or china. This may come as a shock to you, It is almost impossible to get an insurer to cover your goods here in the Bahamas during travel time. We are what you would call,"a known professional packing company". That means, our services are known by some of the top insurers in the world.

We love packing breakable items. Yes, it's a very time consuming process, but it is necessary. We understand the process of hand changes as your item travels to it's destination. We make sure to protect your item, and make it easy for it to be inspected and repacked after inspection. 

Having the patience and giving extra care to packing these fragile items,is what makes the difference between your shipment arriving in one piece or in a million  pieces. We have the  experience,  knowledge, and a perfect track record record for packing and delivering the most valuable pieces with no damages.

Take it from us, packing is not just sticking something in a box. We must consider the position of every item placed into the box, where the completed box is placed, can the completed box support anything on top of it without damaging the contents, making sure the boxes do not get crushed during transit, or would it just be better to crate the items for extra protection.

So the next time you want your valuables moved or shipped, give GHC movers and Packers a call. We understand the the sentimental connection and value you have for your possessions. 

Special Items Require Special Care

GHC Movers and packers are here to serve you. We provide our clients with 24 hour trucking services. We currently offer FTL, LTL, and Flatbed trucking services. We are available for port pick ups and delivery of bulk freight and palletized freight.

We also extend our services during the holidays for those organizations needing a vehicle for:

  •  parades 
  • political events 
  • Movie crews filming in the Bahamas, that need reliable vehicle to transport their filming and lighting equipment.
  • late pick ups from airport(freight) 
  • and any other event you may have.

We also provide workers for large projects and functions you may have. Our crew is always headed by a manager, to receive your instructions, and make sure the crew performs them. We provide transportation for all of our members, to and from the site.

  • We are available for loading and off loading containers 
  • mantle and dismantling home and office furniture 
  • travel to all islands in the Bahamas, if needed.
  • Safes(any size) removal

With more services to be added in the near future. 

Bahamas Intra/Inter-Island Moves

Trucking and Special Events